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Fort Jefferson, May 25, 1862

My Dear Wife Augusta 

I am most happy to have the time to acknowledge recpt of a letter from you Ada & Annah of May 11th for which I thank you heartily. I was on Guard and it helps me to keep awake; as I looked on the stars I thought perhaps you might be looking at the same & it was a happiness to me to think that we were looking at the same & it seemed to be a bond of sympathy and love. I am in good health and spirits but on "Police" & we have to load Gun Carriages this P.M. & I have no time to write only from 12 to 1 & eat my dinner out of that so you must excuse me as the mail goes out at 5 PM and I shall not be off duty till that hour. I am very sorry to hear that [     ] Johnson is no more for he was a man of good heart. I like him. Peace to his ashes. One oclock is now beating. I will try to write some more if I can run away from duty a few minutes this PM. 

May 28th. I thought I should get time to finish this the other day but could not get a minute. I was quite sick yesterday. I hurt my back lifting gun carriages and took some cold. I feel better today. We have had spring showers here for a day or two. It will rain vary fast for a few minutes then the sun comes out hot again. I don't know what to write there is no news going there has several vessels arrived within a few days a Gun Boat yesterday the Wanderer of Slave Trade notoriety but none of them with any news  there has been nearly 200 men detailed for several days to unload a cargo of Coal & of Shot & Shell the vessel that brought the Shot & Shell has 80 men of Michigan and VT Regts that were left behind sick and now go to Ship Island they left this morning. I feel very weak and nervous I can hardly write it is so warm and muggy I have no energy I shall be better in a day or two PM I have just come in from Drill the sweat is running down in streams it does not seem much warmer than it is frequently at home but we sweat three time as much. I hope Cummings will do what is right by you but I expect he will come some monkery He is a slippery fellow on a trade. Lieutenant Williams thinks he will start for home soon as he thinks his papers will be signed this time as he got Dr Brown to endorse them don't speak of that however as perhaps he would not like to have it known; he tells me things he don't tell everybody. there are no signs of pay day yet I am afraid we shall get none until July, although there are stories that the is coming every week Dodge has got a 24 lb ball attached to his ankle with a chain stout enough for a horse to draw by he has got to wear it two months he looks  rather sober over it. Sam is pretty well a little lame at times. Burrell is well sends his love to his little girl and Friends all of my boys are well as usual & the best squad in the Co. They have gained some on the Fort since we came they are now building the magazines on the Parapet. Brick arrive here in large quantities they cost the Government $17.00 per M & come from Maine. They have got the new Condencer at work and it makes much better water than we have had heretofore. it is very clear and tastes much better than that made by the old one. it is near supper time we eat at 5 & then get ready for Dress Parade at 6 I want to see you all very much but it is of no use longing but must wait the course of events. 

My Best Love to you all   C. Shedd 

4th Sergt Co C 7th Regt NH Vol

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