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Date(s) of Letter(s) Little, Henry F. W.  The Seventh Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion.  Concord, New Hampshire:  Seventh New Hampshire Veteran Association, 1896. 
March 15, 1862
March 26, 1862
May 19, 1862
May 25, 1862
Roster entry:   Dodge, Amos.  Co. C; b. Newburyport, Mass.; age 20; res. Northwood; enl. Sept. 30, '61; must. in Nov. 23, '61; as Priv.  Died dis. Feb. 11, '64, Morris Isl., S. C. (p. 28).

Roster entry:   Dodge, Nathaniel B.  Co. C; b. Barre, Vt.; age 22; res. Cornish; enl. Oct. 9, '61; must. in Nov. 15, '61; as Priv. disch. disab. April 7, '63, Hilton Head, S.C.   Died Aug. 3, '75, Westborough, Mass. (p. 28).

Roster entry:   Dodge, Newton B.  Co. C; b. Barre, Vt.; age 33; res. Cornish; enl. Dec. 12, '61; must. in Dec. 12, '61; as Priv. disch. disab. Nov. 12, '62, David's Isl, N.Y.H. P.O. ad. Lowell, Mass. (p. 28).

The above roster entries detail three men with the last name of Dodge that were enlisted in Company C of the Seventh New Hampshire.  Shedd's letters do not specifically identify the man in question.  The nickname of "Dodge" allows one to assume that the men were close acquantainces and Shedd's wife would know the individual.