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St. Augustine Dec 6th 1862

Dear Wife

I have nothing to write so you must not be vexed if I dont write anything, The Steamer did not go today as expected & I make it a point to write at the very latest moment. My health is fair but very uncertain I have got to a rather bad pass; my Bowells I think have not been well since my sickness at Beaufort, & am liable to be sick at any moment, which is a great discouragement, as it is one of the great points of advancement, to be always on Duty, but I hope for the best & do all the duty I am able. the Boys all tell me if they were in my place they would resign on acct of disability and go home, I cant bear the thoughts of that, for it is not my style; Sam has been off Duty for some time has a scurvy Sore on his instep otherwise he is well he recd a letter from his folks the last Mail if they knew how much comfort it gave him they would write him oftener, he brought it to me to read to him, the poor Boy, felt much less lonely & depressed, the Army is the worst place in the world for the Blues.

I have just come from Dress Parade & I have nothing more to write than when I begun. Only that I wish you all every happiness that is consistent in this world the Mail leaves at 7 in the Morning & I must put this in tonight as I go to supper.

I will not send you any money this mail as I am doubtfull when we shall be pd again You mentioned that if we had been pd for only 4 months that I should rob myself. You were right for I have sent you more money now than I got for the 4 months we were pd for six months which was a Godsend to all concerned. it is getting dark & I must close without filing my sheet. the wind is blowing Fresh if the Mail does not leave on Acct of weather I will write again

Yours as Ever

C Shedd

P.S. if there is a prospect of your getting short before pay day let me know & I will do the best I can


Private Mark

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