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Dec 6th 1862

Gen Brannan & Staff came in the Boat at 10 this A.M. Reviewed the Regt; I was not out, being on the sick list. Dr Boynton has joined the Regt & I expect to see Ned But I hear has gone home; I rather expected it would be so, I dont know as I blame him much but that is not my style of Patriotism. Fight Fight to the bitter end I say & no compromise with Traitors.   I would Fight till the last Dollar & man at the north is played out and then lay on top of the ground and rot and Stink them to Death.

I should not be surprised if we were ordered away soon as the Regt is in good trim dont send me any things till you make yourselves comfortable; there are some things I sent for I should not. but thought it would not cost more to send a Box full than a few, by the way how much rent do you pay & when, that will be cash I suppose.

I would write to Williams but have not time as the Mail closes at 8 in the morning. I hardly know what to write about. I have not eaten a mite of supper I went down & there was nothing but hot biscuit heavy as they could be & hoot sweet cake I cannot eat such stuff when I am so Billious & Costive I shall be obliged to live some other way I had really rather live with the Co. if I could get a room and a stove I would mess by myself, I would cook & live in my quarters but they would sett it down as tight & mean & everybody are running in & out so that everyone would know just what I had to eat. Give my thanks to all my Girls for their nice letters tell them I think of them very often day & night I have had some supper Burrell brought me a slice of fried Beef Steak with Gravy Bread & roast Potatoes & a Mug of tea & I have made a good supper. Burrell has been very kind to me since I have been unwell. He is one of my best Friends I think the best I have got in the Army.

I am very anxious to hear that you have got the Funds that I have sent & hope that you will have no trouble in getting those checks cashed. You wrote a long time ago that Jenne had run away, has he got back or what has become of him & Melvina. I should have thought that Cambridge would have got caught with the rest of the Bummers.

About the time I enlisted Kenyon had some dark blue cloth that would be right for a vest but dont go to much expense or trouble to get the things I have written for, although they would come much cheaper there than here, such shoes as I want are up to $5.00 here; Boots there are none at any price. tell Ned to write me & I will him, I presume he can get plenty of work now as so many are gone. What is Jim up to has he plenty of work & is Cambridge doing anything We are having another cold snap it quite cool so that I have a fire.

Henry & Nancy are getting to feel above us aint they; well if so, let them rip all right I can stand it if they can.

I send you $10.00 which if you ever get will remind you that my thoughts and love are all for my Wife & Children Good Night, I will to my Bunk & Hot Brick, which I have had on the stove for two hours.

C. Shedd,

Dec 7th It is very cold I am all of a shiver I am quite well again but think that I shall not go on Duty till tomorrow Give each of the Girls 25 cts to buy a New Year present in great haste


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