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St Augustine Dec 11 1862

Dear Wife

I expect the letter I wrote several days ago is still in the Office here, as Gen Brannan was so stiff that he ordered the Boat to leave an hour before it was advertised, consequently there was several hundred letters left behind. I sent two letters at that time in one of the latest date was $10.00 (Treasury Note) there is a Schooner lying here that is expected to sail every day if the wind will shift & take the Mail to H. Head. We also expect a Mail from the North every day & I hope to heart that you have recd the Check I sent first, & of your good health & happiness. I am getting smart again have been on Duty since Tuesday & hope to be able to go ahead now.

I expect Lt Mason will be promoted to Capt in Co. B. & Lt Hooper of Co. D. will come in 1st Lt of Co. A. & that will make a mess; as Capt Cotton dislikes him extremely; he is not generally liked in the Regt! You may ask why I am not promoted, it is the same process that transferred me ie. to give an old 2nd Lt Promotion & as I am the youngest in Commission in the Regt it cant be expected till my turn comes , or I have a chance to distinguish myself, and there are no signs of that yet.

This morning a Rebel Capt & Judge came to the Pickets with a Flag of Truce, wanting to be let into the Town; the Judges Family live here & the Col let him in but not the Capt. I dont see it in letting the Judge in, Stragling Soldiers come in and take the Oath most every day. I understand the Judge (Putnam) leaves tomorrow after attending to the wants of his Wife & the rest of the Family. We the Republicans in the Regt feel that the President is getting on the right track in superceeding McClelland, & hope Burnside push matters with a will and in accordance with his well known Energy. I am ashamed to say it, but there are a great many men in the Regt who only ask that the war end be it never so disgraceful to the North their sorry is from morning to night D__n the Niggers & Black Republicans . The Democratic Party is the same wilfully ignorant Bull Headed Bags of Wind everywhere.

Dont take to heart anything I wrote about Grass Widows as I dont know as it was rather saucy. I have had venison to eat for two days I like it very well there are a good many Deer killed about here it is most all wilderness on the main land for miles around. write me what kind of a story Ned has to tell about Soldiering

I was in hopes that Rebel Capt had brought a demand for the surender of the Town as we have just recd 70 bbls of Powder & 1300 shells & lots of shot 24 pnds to send them in answer to the sumons, but I hardly think they will ever attack this place.

Friday Morning Dec 12th Hurrah! there is a Steamer outside the Bar, which will be in about noon, & we earnestly hope for a mail it is just a week today since the other mail arrived ; and I cant say as I should be greatly disapointed if I dont get a letter it being so soon since the last, but I tell you I am most anxious for one, hoping to hear that you are all well & happy.

While I have been writing Passes the Steamer has been boarded by the Pilot & Officer of Day (Capt Cotton) & is now putting up the coast most out of sight; I dont understand it, unless that the tides run so low that she could not get over the Bar. I am disapointed for I hoped this with the others would go in this Boat

Eve I was mistaken the Officer of the Day did not board the Boat; she put off before he got to her & we are at a loss to account for her actions before she was lost to view another Boat hove in sight & steamed directly South. we rather think they are Gunboats hunting & shelling Rebels on the Coast, but it is all conjecture.

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