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Fort Jefferson, Fla., March 26,1862    7 PM

Dear Wife & Children

 I wrote you three days ago and will drop you another line for I was so fortunate & happy to receive yours of March 2d this PM was very glad to hear you were all well.  I presume this will go from Key West that is if Smith goes in the steam in the same Mail with the other for the Mail Boat leaves here early in the morning.  I am better than I was at the time of writing before so as to be out considerable I have a rather bad Diahroar that is easier than it was this morning think I shall be well of it in a day or two I never had the Headache before this scrape in my life.  We are in the extreme southern end of Dixie away from everything and everybody we get no news till it is three weeks old it is rumored here that Manassas Richmond Norfolk & New Orleans are taken but dont suppose the whole of it is true  Mr Thayer wishes you to have Mrs T direct to Fort Jefferson, Fla he forgot it yours was right only a little more than nessessary I presume she has directed so before this  it is very monotonous here At 5-30 reveille 6-15 Breakfast 8 Guard Mount 9 Co Drill 12 Dinner 4 Co Drill 5-30 Dress Parade 6 Supper 8-30 Tattoo & Roll Call 9 Taps & to bed and it is about alike every day and the men are wishing themselves in the field where they would have active service & see some Rebels we are facing death in another way two more of our Men Mr Sprague & Hardy died one yesterday the other today of Small Pox we hope that will be all from Co C Sam had it very light is now able to act as nurse for the rest he saw the worst of it before he went to the Island  I think.  There is no sign of Pay Day I am afraid we shall not get it till the first of May or later the Regulars say Pay Day comes very seldom here.

You wish me to write about planting I hardly know what to write I have thought it would perhaps it would be best to get someone to plant a small Garden enough to use what manure there is or so much as may be nessessary and the rest use on Potatoes, so as to get enough for your own use again I have thought it better to let some one take the manure and put more of their own with it enough to manure the land well and give you such portion as they could afford  perhaps [     ] or Bobbitt would like to take it but before you decide I would get Mr Huse to advise and see about it perhaps he could make a better trade than you could you will have to use your own judgment in a great measure (have great care of the Trees) another thing; that is; a Cow if you wish to keep one, if you could hire one with the privilidge of buying in June or July probably my pay will get to you by that time if ever you can look round and see what can be done it takes so long for a letter to reach you that you will have to judge of these things as well as you can for before you could write me and get an answer it will be to late for these fixings.

Ned is hearty as a Buck looks first rate never have seen him look so well since I knew him he is in good spirits.  Burrell is well also Frank Lee & Dodge.

You spoke of Roberts going back to his Regt I would not go at this late day if I was in his place if I did not know more about the business than he does unless he has learned something since I knew him there is altogether too many Fools for Commissioned Officer the letters have got to be in the office at Taps and I must close good night keep jolly as possible hope for the best dont [     ] it comes soon enough kiss the children for me

Yours Ever

                                       C. Shedd

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