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Waverly June 13th 65

Dear Wife

I recd yours of the 5th Sat eve. I presume this will reach you at Enfield if you start this week. I send $20 I presume Ada & Anna will get over thier homesickness in a very short time after you reach there. for a rarity it rains it has been very dry and dusty for several weeks they sometimes have their heaviest freshets in June and this is the year for a wet season, but it has not appeared much like it yet. Strawberries are getting ripe but are scarce on account of the drought.

there is no news stirring the Chicago talk of but little except the Sanitary Fair which I suppose is unprecedented in grandure of conception and embelishment.

Gens Grant & Sherman are being Bored by the public in great shape good for them, they have no business to be so distinguished, it is disgusting to see people run such things into the ground.

I have nothing new to write I continue to have all the work I am able to do. unless Pease is doing better than when he wrote he would have done better to have come here.

Yours &c

                                        C Shedd

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