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Waverly June 20th 65

Dear Wife

I did not write Sunday as usual the reason why cos I didn't last Friday just at night we had one of the most violent showers with gale I ever new it unroofed several buildings broke down many trees. I never saw so much Lightning & thunder put into one night as that it rained steadily two nights and one day clearing up Sunday about 9 A.M. then I done my washing and toward night took a ramble on the Prairie after strawberries found two. they sell them at 30 per qt Butter is down to 10 cheese 20. I dont see the point of that I dont get Potatoes half the time reason why the farmers let them freeze. buildings are going up very fast or things they call buildings there is more agricultural machinery in town for sale than would supply 20 towns like E. if they were to start new a man will plant & tend from 40 to 60 acres of corn and never touch a hoe to it.

I suppose you are at home this week you ask why you dont move to S.R. I suppose the reason is you have not $100, it would cost to move. then I am at a loss to see where the extra hundred or two it would cost you to live there a year is coming from. can you elucidate the point by figures & facts.

it was cold enough for a frost last night but the wind kept it off.

Yours &c

                                       C Shedd

Prairie rose buds are not very pretty when blown

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