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Waverly June 7th 1865

Dear Wife

You write that you are 100 perct better I congratulate you in the enjoyment of perfect health. It seems that you have gained very rapidly in one week from very low to par prehaps you did not mean what you wrote, nonetheless I am very glad that you are better. I am loosing flesh again and getting weak it has been very warm dry and dusty for two weeks the crops are suffering for want of rain. (Dutch) John Smith went up the river friday P.M. and caught between 30 & 40 lbs of Pickerel one weighed 6 lbs. none less than 2 I think it was the nicest string I ever saw.

You write you are going home shortly if you go as soon as you proposed I will write next week to E. I send $20 and will send more shortly. I have not much by me now but expect to earn some during the week. do you suppose Pillsbury has furnished his family a dollar & a half a day to live on for the last year? still he takes good care of his family while I abuse mine.

Nan would have a good show if bound to Mr Haley to put her out every time she (Mrs H) was obliged to be away a week or two "all is not gold that glitters".

Yours &c

                                       C Shedd

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