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St Augustine Nov 12th 1862

Dear Ones,

It is to late for the mail & shall have to send by the Capt's Clerk. Coldbath, who is going on recruiting business, I am full of wants. If you send the things I have spoken about, I wish you would send my slippers if they are not worn out & Bill, Book, if it is fit to use. I have forgotten whether it was worn entirely out or no. Cigar Case & a Diary for 1863 about the same kind as the old ones. I am extremely sorry that I have not kept a record of the past year, the only record I have is gray hairs you will be astonished if you ever see me to find me so gray, but I dont feel ashamed of them at all. I never pull one out.

I want some Boots 1 Pair & shoes but dont see how. I shall send a measure 8[     ] are large enough except length. an 8 is just the length of my foot but in order to have my toes easy I have worn a 9 boot. If Jim could scare me up a Calf Boot with One sole & Tap made in good style if they did not fit I could sell without a loss. I send a thread the first knot is the distance round the ball of foot 2nd hollow over instep 3rd length of foot 4th round the heel & over instep. Shoes calf sole one this kind but stout to lase up in front I dont like Congress have a good heel on boots & be sure & have the Pegs all out of Boots & shoes. The Steamer is ready to start and I must quit.

C. Shedd,

P.S. I write again that I have send check for $55.00 & $5.00 in letter so you will know if it is lost yours in great haste I am very well.

C. Shedd

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