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St. Augustine Nov 11th 1862

Dear Wife

Enclosed please find Paymaster George O Brastow's Check on the Assist, Treasurer of the U.S. at New York No. 111 for Fifty five dollars to draw the money you will sign your name on the back & carry it or send to the Lebanon Bank & I have no doubt but they will cash it without discount, or at a very small discount. I have put $5.00 into a letter that I send today, or rather tomorrow you will endorse your name on the Back & send an order if any other Person carries the Check. if by any possible chance the Bank will not cash it take some advise from Mr. Huse or  Williams. It will be cashed by sending to N.Y. anyhow. I should have got a check on the Treasurer at Boston but the Paymaster got out before we were paid. Now it is uncertain when we shall be paid again so live comfortable, but prudent & no need to caution you about that & I beg your pardon but what I mean is try & save what you can as my business is very uncertain. & when I stop the pay stops as you are aware soldiers are apt to stop all of a suden (aint this pretty writing) The Steamer sails in the morning I feel glad to be able to send you some money. I dont know how you have got along but trust you have not had to go hungry or drink river water now I want you to have Meat & Butter & Milk & live comfortable as long as the money lasts anyhow. I shall send you more the next mail if nothing happens I will not write much more in this but will write another time describing the check so if it is stolen or lost you will know and write me the Paymaster keeps a description of all the Checks who from & who sent, to the end, if they are lost he will give you another.

Yours Ever C. Shedd

P.S. Amos Kidder Enlisted with Roberts in the 6th which I suppose is in N.C. he is in Co. A. Capt Adams I suppose, at any rate he is not in this Regt & it is the Kidder Boy that lived at John Morgan's you wish to hear from, he greed to enlist with me but Roberts lied him off.

C. Shedd

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