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Fort Jefferson, Fla., Apr 2d 1862

Dear Wife & Children

There is a Mail to leave tomorrow at 9AM and will drop you a line.  I am writing lying on my back dont be frightened I am better than I have been had a turn of Gravel since I got over the Diarhea I think it is owing to the water & standing in the position of a Soldier so much.  I think I shall be able to do duty in a day or two.  Copl J.C. Page died last night of small pox, which makes three out of my squad.  I hope it is the last the Doctr thinks there will be no more cases; there has been 9 deaths from it in the regt 4 of Co C - 5 of Co G.  Sam is well and acting as nurse to others, I think there will be several of Co C discharged and a number from other Cos Thos Watts is the only one you know, I think he has the consumption or something very near to it. 

The latest news we have is March 15th which tells us of goodly progress in the war and hope it will continue. 

We have got the Election returns and dont know what it means that Enfield has gone as it has we think there was some Monkery about it I wish you would write to Father occasionaly and if I dont send you money in season to get a cow just give him a hint of it and perhaps he would help you always providing you want to keep one also look out for a Pig 

if I had been at home I intended this year to build a yard beside the wall on north side of cow yard to come out even with the stone post and nearly to end of wall the other way and let the Pig have some sunshine, but if you have to hire it done I would not bother with it and I would not bother with a Pig unless you feel able, prehaps Henry would engage you a good one I would not get a cow unless you are sure she is gentle for it would be better to let the Pasture than to have an ugly Cow to deal with I would keep from 5 to 8 Hens of you can get them if you dont keep a pig that is if you think it best I want you to do just as you please about all of these things; the land cow Pig Hens Pasture and all 

I am afraid the Legislation will stop the pay of Families if there is any talk of it please write me as soon as you hear of it. 

there was a mail arrived last Monday some of the Boys got letters & Papers I presume you wrote a day to late you must write a little oftener and I shall get them every mail 

some of the Boys went out in a boat yesterday and Harpooned a Shark and brought him ashore he was about 8 ft long an ugly looking customer I have got a peice of his Backbone to remember him by There was 6 rifled Cannon arrived here the other day they are to be mounted on top of the walls.  Our Grub will make us all sick I am afraid the Coffee stinks so that no one but a Soldier could drink it or the Tea either; our bread is all made of damaged Flour and it is pretty hard for a man that dont feel very well but I dont complain for Soldiers get used to most anything I write you things just as they are not as some write that we are a Paridise for I think the truth is the best to know at all times even if it is not so plesant it is reliable 

We are to have some new clothes Pants Blouse Shirt Stockings Shoes drawers & Mosquito Bars Burrell is quite unwell with Diarhea & Gravel very much like me. it is rumored that we shall be ordered to Key West or Frt Pikens or Ship Island or some other place.  I should like to see active service somewhere I dont care much where it is for we dont seem to be doing the Country much service, but I suppose it is just as neccessary to keep this Fort well defended as any other, but I want to see a rebel before I am discharged I dont think of more to write my love to all 

Yours Ever

                                     C. Shedd

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