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Dec Sunday night

I dont know the day of the month. We had a new episode this morning. Horace Prescott of Co. C & Ephraim Pettingill of Co. E deserted broke out of the Gd House about 7 1/2 last Eve, & Skedaddled for parts unknown in Rebeldom. Prescott was under arrest for Forgery.

The Citizens had sold stuff to the Soldiers & taken Sutler Checks for Pay, & Prescott forged notes using the Capts (of several Cos.) names; & exchanged them for these checks; he got some $50.00 worth of them he was courtmartialed two or three days ago but his sentence has not been promulgated yet; probably the Ball & Chain was not an agreeable piece of Jewelry to wear so he left, I dont know the offence of Pettingill, he is a reckless fellow, & I am glad they are out of the Regt, but if they get caught Death to them.

Prescott has always been petted by House but he could not make a Lt of him & I think he must see the Point by this time. House and Capt Durgin of Co. E. went out on the Jacksonville Road but it is lucky they did not overhaul them as they have Revolvers & would not hesitate to shoot either of the Capts I have heard several of C's boys hope that Prescott would shoot House; rather tough that! if my Co felt like that toward me I would get out of it if possible.

It is awful dull no news no mail or anything to interest. I have been to Church & heard the Chaplain of the 9th Me, who is here, our Chaplain is home on a Furlough. & he might stay there for any good he does the Regt.

Friday morning Dec 19th I have just come off Gd I went yesterday on foot & was pretty tired last night we are having a severe Norther it is cold & raw no mail & the sea is so rough a Boat will not venture out for several days yet It is very dull & lonesome, if it was my style I should be homesick. It took me 2 1/2 hours last night to make out my Report, had no wood, sat & wrote with my overcoat on, cold at that.

It is rumored here that Burnside has beaten the Rebels & on the way & near to Richmond. We hope it is a fact, as it will revive the spirits of the "North," and the Army. The People at home may think that the war bears heaviest on them but words can never tell of the sacrifices & suffering of the Army.

Dec 20th The Neptune arrived this morning and I have recd yours of the 27th 30th & Dec 2nd. you have recd one check & $10.00 which I was very glad to hear as it has relieved me of much anxiety. I trust the rest has reached you ere this, you dont know how much happier I feel to hear that you were in good health, & will not suffer from want for a time at least I want you to write me the whole amt you receive in two or three letters as some may miscarry.

Give my regards to Mr. Cox for what he done to Heath & tell him that I stand "Treat?" for the Crowd if I ever meet them Bully for Cox, that is my style exactly. I hope if you send me a box that I shall get it before we leave here but dont buy anything for me to run short yourself, keep mum about what money you get unless you had as leaves they would know about it, for my [     ] will think if you have $ 10.00 by you that they ought to have 5 of it.

I think I shall go into Capt Rollins Mess; I cant stand everything more than a sheep. Mrs. A is to almighty sluttish & that is a thing I was never used to at home; & I cant stand it of a woman anywhere; from a man or Nigger cook, I could get over it better; 3 times out of 5 my knife & fork are covered with new rust, that rubs off on my vittuals; she is a d____d f__l anyway so is he.

Yours in hunger

C. Shedd

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