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Fort Jefferson, Fla., Apr 30th 62

Dear Wife

The Mail leaves tomorrow & I commence a line informing you that I am very well going flesh and in better sprits than I was three or four weeks ago.  It is boiling hot here today we went out at 9 o'clock for Inspection & Muster for pay stood in line 2 1/4 hours under the sun of the Tropics, if we had worn our Knapsacks it would have been a hard one with our woolen shirts & thick Coats.

It is thought doubtfull if Liet Williams' resignation will be accepted he is very ancious to leave I think; & expected to have been away before this; there is a good deal of Bugling going on if he leaves the Co are going in for me for his place but I done think they can make it work for Soldiers are not supposed to have any minds of their own

I dont know what to write that will interest you.  I am of the opinion that we are stuck for a year here at least this is merely my opinion and you must take it for what it is worth we have had no news for a long time & are extremely ravenous for some we have not heard about the big Fight yet.  The Sergts of Co C have to recite Lessons in Tactics every other night & we have commenced drill on heavy Artillery the sergts are Cheifs of Peices.  I can skunk the Crowd on them.  I suppose I have a right to brag to you I dont dare to anyone else, so you can believe as much as you care to we shall have to get lessons in Artillery Drill in a few days so that we shall be pretty busy.

Some of the Boys have gone egging I bargained with my Coporal Wm Tilton I am to pay his share of the Boat & he is to give me half he gets there is so many goes then that they done get as many as they did but if I can get a couple of dozens I shall be satisfyed, it will give me several good meals.  There has been a Steamer hovering round here in sight part of the time that is a little suspicious & the Col advised the Boys to take their Arms with them today as he says there are secesshes prowling round in these waters but did not take his advice & it would be a joke if they got taken in & done for   

May 1st
I wish you a plesant May-day it is very hot here again today two of the hottest days since we arrived.  I have learned since yesterday that Williams' resignation has not been sent to K. West yet expect it will go in this Mail so the report that it will not be accepted is premature.

payday dont come yet & I think it doubtfull if it comes till six months are due the currency here is Sutlers tickets which are the meanest kind of shin-plasters.

They have got a Big Turtle confined in a Cage inside of the Breakwater he is 4 ft long & 3 ft wide his head as large as a man different shape of course & instead of feet & claws as the Turles north he has flippers or fins he will swim very lively; it is said they will lay as many as a hundred eggs as large as a Goose they commence laying in May & June.  I had forgot almost about my Taxes you will not have money enough to pay them make them wait till I am paid off.  Sam is a little lame yet but so to do duty.  It is Rumored that the Mails are, or to be cut off, if so I shall feel very lonely I hope not; there is I think a gain in the general health of the Regt although there are many sick yet you will find this letter dull but I think of nothing else & will close

Yours Ever

                                       C. Shedd

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