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Fort Jefferson, Fla., Apr 25th 1862    2 PM

Dear Wife

I have just heard that the Mail leaves at 4 this PM I came off Guard at 9 and am very dull & stupid. I was very happy yesterday to rece Yours of 19th & 31st [     ] also several Papers, that of the 13th should have been here the Mail before the last ie, the 1st of Apr. I have already ackknowledged yours of the 23d [     ] the Papers are very old but convenient as we use all the paper we can get to wipe our dishes we seldom wash them. we are very neat; in our eating department every one takes care of his own dishes. I was most happy to hear that you were all well. Ada Annah & Libby I thank you all very much for your letters and am very happy to hear that you have had such good times sliding I should have had a slide with you.

I am much surprised to hear of the domestic troubles of Mr Je[      ]. I dont know but my judgement may be at foult and washed under present circumstances, but I must confess that I could not blame him much if he had really done that which he is accused of the way he has been situated for the last few years; he has my sympathy.  Col Put arrived yesterday I formed the Guard in good style & stood at Present Arms when he passed through the Sally Port he raised his cap to us & looked Bully & pleased the Regt think more of him than all the rest of the Officers.   Gen Brannan did not come as expected. you wished to know about Williams's resignation I have written about it before as you will see if you have got my previous letters. The Steamer Rhode-Island brought the mail yesterday & has gone to Pickens Ship Island &e when she returns ha hopes to go home in her he has got his mind set on going home & is very ancious to start but is uncertain when he will have his resignation accepted he was in hopes that the Genl would have come yesterday so that the question could have benn settled immediately There is Mrs  Col Abbott Mrs Capt Langdon of the Regulars & Mrs Robinson the Post-Sutler's Wife they swell out big here. Mrs Abbott especialy is much remarked for Men of good judgement think that she is ridiculous on some of her airs. Mr Thayer is better he had quite a sick spell has now quite recovered. Shaker is busy Sundays & evenings teaching the slaves to read they are extremely pleased when they can spell words of three letters they astonish themselves in the progress they make. the Boys plague Shaker about his Niggers and ask him what he reads to them he answered the other night when asked the question By G-d, I read the Bible to them Shaker is a Brick we have a great deal of fun with him & fat Healy my squad have the most sport of any squad in the Co the reason is I expect that they like their Seargent I dont know but you will think I praise myself to much but I endeavor to write things just as they are. I fear this will prove rather a dull epistle the fact is I am about played out on subjects to write about we are so out of the way of everybody Charley Lane got the P-x in N.Y. & has not done a days duty since he left there he is expecting a discharge soon the Govt cant cure him in this climate I pity him dont tell of him to his predjudice he is a hard Boy but we wish him well our Small Pox patients have all returned from Bird Key & I think it is played out thank God. it is reported that there is 400 men under the Doctrs cure for almost every disease under the sun there is only about 30 in each Co to do regular duty many of them would get well quick if they were ordered home such almighty shirks I think never were seen before

Yours Ever

                                      C. Shedd

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