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Aid of Families

Date(s) of Letter(s) The State of New Hampshire.  Disbursements in Aid of Families of Volunteers by the Town of                                in Conformity with Chapter 2480, Laws of 1861. 
April  2, 1862
This undated document lists in handwritten columns, the financial aid given to families of volunteer soldiers from New Hampshire.  Calvin Shedd is listed as a member of  the Seventh Regiment, Company C.  He mustered into service on November 6, 1861.  The following entries complete the last three columns of the form to the right of his name and enlistment information.

Wife Augusta Shedd  age 37 years    16 weeks   $11.00
Ada Shedd                    "     9    "           16     "          11.00
Anna Shedd                  "     7    "           16     "          11.00
Lucy L. Shedd               "     4    "           16     "          11.00

Shedd frequently writes of money matters, including his irregular pay and the difficult times his wife and children faced in New Hampshire.  Ultimately, his family lost their home and farm, a source of great agony and embarrassment for Shedd.