The Rare Map Collections

The N.B.T. Roney Collection

N.B.T. Roney moved to Florida in 1918, and settled in Miami Beach where he acquired extensive real estate holdings. One of his most important holdings was the Roney Plaza Hotel on Collins Avenue considered among the best hotels in the area.

Roney donated the 28 pre-twentieth century maps in the collection in 1950. With the exception of one, all are of the West Indies or Florida, and include works by famous cartographers such as Blaeu, Sanson, Popple, and Homanno.

Jacques Nicolas Bellin.
Carte du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles de l'Amerique. 1754.
Outlined in color. It traces the routes of Ponce de Le&oacuten in 1512, of Cort&eacutes in 1519, and of Hern&aacutendez de C&oacuterdoba in 1517.
Willem Janszoon Blaeu.
Insvlae Americanae in oceano septentrionali, cum terris adiacentibus. [1644].
Outlined in color with Latin text on the verso.
Robert Laurie and James Whittle.
A new and general map of the southern dominions belonging to the United States of America ... 1794.
Portions of the map are outlined in color.
Herman Moll.
A Map of the West-Indies or the Islands of America in the North Sea ... [1715?].
Outlined in color.
Jeremiah Seller and Charles Price.
A New generall chart for the West Indies of E. Wrights Projection vut Mercators chart. 1703.
Outlined in color.
Guillaume de l'Lisle.
Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises et des Isles Antilles ... 1722.
John Drayton.
Florida. [1827?].
Some areas of the map are colored green.
William Faden.
A Chart of the Gulf of Florida or New Bahama Channel, commonly called the Gulf Passage ... 1794.
Outlined in brown.
Thomas Jefferys.
Florida, from the latest authorities. [1768].
Lightly colored.