The Rare Map Collections

The Louis C. Karpinski Collection

Louis C. Karpinski was a professor of mathematics at the University of Michigan and author of several books and articles including: Mapping of the Mississippi Valley and Bibliography of the Printed Maps of Michigan.

The Karpinski collection, donated in 1952, consists of 42 maps. The maps focus on the Eastern part of the United States, Florida, and Latin America with most of the items published prior to 1900. Maps in the collection include:

Jean Baptiste d'Anville.
A new and complete map of the West Indies comprehending all the coasts and islands known by that name. 1794.
European possessions are outlined in color showing Florida under Spanish ownership.
Philippe Buache.
Carte du Golphe du Mexique et des Isles Antilles ... 1780.
European possessions are in color with Florida showing Spanish ownership