The Rare Map Collections

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Collection

Marjory Stoneman Douglas has campaigned for the preservation and conservation of the Florida Everglades. Her book The Everglades River of Grass, published in 1947, is a landmark volume. Douglas founded the Friends of the Library and has close ties with the Friends of the Everglades, an organization working to promote public awareness and to gain state support toward the preservation of the Everglades. Florida named its Department of Natural Resources Building after Mrs. Douglas.

Over the years Douglas has donated a number of materials to the Library including her personal papers. Most of the 19 maps in this collection are of Florida and cover various subjects. Among them are: "The Everglades Conservation Areas," by the South Florida Water Management District, 1977; "Vegetation map of Southern Florida," by John H. Davis Jr., 1943; "Map of Florida," by J. Lee Williams, New York, lithographed by Greene & McGowran, 1837; and "Central and Southern Florida Flood Control Project," 1966 (D.O. file no. 400-24,979).