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I have been thinking when you get able & courage, to have your teeth out, & some put in that it will be agreeable; & I dont know as we shall ever have a better time to pay for them. I want you to have some good ones, & well fitted. I believe you need a whole upper set the under I do not recollect about, but if you undertake the job be thorough, so they will be servicable, dont get into a row with Carter for he & his wife are the longest tongued animals in E. & I fear will get the worst of it. you think I made a great mistake in mortgaging on things, but you must remember at the time Heath had foreclosed and the court was coming on and things looked bad with no place for you to go; if I had known then how things would turn out of course I should not have done it, & if you move out of town I never want to move any of the things in the mortgage at ny rate but very few. My health is pretty good I have been on duty every day the last month. & now, this mail send to Concord for a Hat, to C.A. Colbath of our Co. he has some of the Cos money & it will save sending money each way. I sent it to N.Y. & it was wrecked to H.H. & they have none & I have got tired of Bugling with the Sutters.

Ada thinks the new minister is first-rate. Nannie says he is all Fish so I cannot tell which to rely on for a just judgement, I am afraid they are not quite well enough acquainted to pass an opinion. In the expedition Col Put acted as Brig. Gen. Ajt. Webber as A.A.A. Gen. Capt. Rollins as Col. & they said Put swore like a Trooper when he was ordered back here, he had the 3rd 4th & 7th N.H. & 6th Conn, in his Brigade, a pretty good crowd for a fight I think, Lt. Hooper quarters with me, I like him pretty well, but had rather be alone than with any Man in the world. are they doing anything at E. Lebanon in the shop I have not heard from there for a long time I have bought a watch of F. Davis to pay him at payday; if I dont like it this is a great place to sell and make something two. I hear that Capt House has lost one of his twin boys & Lane his Boy & he expects his Wife & Daugh. Bad news for them, I understand they died of Spotted Fever an uncommon disease. The Mail leaves early in the morning so I must get this in this eve, [     ] & [     ] will be all hunks in a little while no fear of their quarreling long, give my regards to all who deserve it Kiss them three Gals for me

Yours Truly C. Shedd

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