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General David Hunter

Date(s) of Letter(s) Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary.  New York: David McKay Company, Inc., 1959.  
May 19, 1862
June 9, 1862
November 25, 1862
February 13, 1863
February 21, 1863
April 14, 1863
April 26, 1863

General David Hunter
General David Hunter served on the frontier, resigning in 1836, and as Major Paymaster during the Mexican War.  In 1860, he was invited by Lincoln to make the inaugural journey   to Washington.  Hunter was named Colonel of the Third U.S. Cavalry and Brigadier General in May, 1861.  Hunter was severely wounded in the first Bull Run, while in command of the Second Division.  As Commander of the Department of the South, March 31-August 22, 1862, he besieged Fort Pulaski (Georgia) and on May 9, liberated all slaves in Union hands in the department.  Hunter sanctioned the first Negro regiment, the First South Carolina.  In an attempt to take Charleston, he was defeated at Secessionville and suspended further actions.  On August 8th, Hunter resigned his commission in favor of Sheridan and served on court martial proceedings.  He accompanied Lincoln's body to Springfield and returned to Washington to preside over the commission that tried the assassination conspirators.  Hunter retired from service in 1866 and died in 1886.  (Boatner, pp. 418-419)