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Bloomington   May 2d 1869

Dear Wife & Children

I recd yours of the 25th last night yesterday I packed my Tools and of nothing happens shall start at 2-35 in the morning I have not lost an hour since I commenced work till I quit they wanted to raise my pay and have me stop but dont see it. till I look further I shall put for Kansas City first, after that, shall be governed by circumstances. John & Will done a big thing, I dont see why they did not write me as they agreed when they left.

I presume the reason of that Letter being mailed at St. Lo. I put it in the Box at Freight Office, and they mailed it on the down train, which was wrong.

I shall stop over in St. Lo. tomorrow then go on by rail or Boat to K.C. unless I find a good job this side of there. I hear from so. western Mo. most every day and all say that it is a fine country good for fruit &c the only bad feature is a drougth occasionally that just uses things all up when nothing is raised hardly in the Vegitable & Grain line, but there is no place jsut right unless found the other side of the River.

I dont think of anything else to write and will close & pack my trunk

Love to all
C Shedd

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