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McLean Co. Capital L on the Lean

Bloomington   Sunday April 18th 1869

Dear Wife & c

Yours of the 11th is recd Move if you can do better but stay a spell if you can till I see what I can do. Who should pop into the shop last Wed but John and Will. they had been all over the north part of the state looking for a job could not get one, nowhere. Foolish Boys! That they had not written me and found out or taken heed of the letters I have written which have invariably spoke of the dullness of business why didnt you tell them and the mistake that they did not take their tools with them they stayed over night then went to Chicago to look up an Uncle of Johns. it is too bad if they had waited a month longer then took their tools with them there would have been no trouble finding a job. as it is I am afraid they will get discouraged and go home with a bad impression of the West.

Nannie I am very much obliged to you for that ornament it is very pretty; but you will be disapointed as I was for I tried to put it on about an hour this morning and could not my shirt button is at the top of where the ornament should be so the Elastic is an inch from the Button and I have failed to think of a way to make one, so let it go, I thank you just as much as though I could wear it; my impression is that one that would go round my neck once, and tie, putting it into the collar before putting it on, would be the most feasible. I have thought of cutting a piece out of the middle of the one I have and weaving it in that way. John and Will are to write me if they get a job or go home since they went away I have heard from Mo & Kan there is an emmence emigration there this spring already and I am perfectly satisfyed that I ought to go and that soon as possible the climate is grand good land good water and the best class of emigrants going there I work with a man that was down through there to Texas after Cattle he say there is no part of the country he likes so well as so. western Mo. and shall go there to stay soon.

I mailed you $40,00 last tuesday which I hope you have got before this. I hope to hear in you next that it can be so arranged that I can start the first of the month.

The Boys said they did not let any one know where they were going but did not caution me about writing and I don't know whether they want it kept secret or not tell of it or not just as you think best, if you cant make any other arrangement I believe I must write to Durant offering him some extra inducement to wait for 60 days from May 1st.

Yours &c
C Shedd

P.S. Lill how is the Edging business

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