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Bloomington March 31st 1869

Dear Wife

I recd yours of the 19th last night was glad to hear that you were getting along so well & hopefull and prospect of self-support which will help me very much more than any one would think I sent you 15,00 last Wed. which I hope you have got ere this week will help with that bbl of flour I think it will be a good strike in taking Pease as you will be sure of you pay and a steady man. I am well as usual have not worked so hard the last week been scraping car seats and made the job last well, since I found out what my pay is I shall be digging out of this in a month or tow I think, business continues to be fearfully dull in the mechanical line, they have got a class of hands here that are bound to stay and they pay them just what they please, I think the Republicans of No 11 put their foot into it in bolting, whether Cox was good or bad; ask Pease what he thinks of it, give him my respects does he work by the hour or piece I should like to have him write me, how they get on in the shop how is Lils edging get on is she getting rich. I am in hopes to get out of this sled now and pay for the machine and Jim in two or three months with good luck as I shall find a job to make more money this summer as I shall leave this country sure. I don't believe in Railroads the reason they are so anxious to work for them is they get their pay regular and take no thought or care but to keep their job & kill time. I think the best way when you write to Father to direct to Lowell then if there is any thing he dont wish Mrs. S to see So. So. it is getting warmer and the streets are one slush of mud this latitude is the meanest I was ever in, neither one thing or another, north or south, worse than N.E. or S.C. I think Belle Chase has made about such a market as one Augusta Burtt did about 20 years ago.

dont sleep three in abed put my youngest Cuss in a Trunk or Band Box or on the Lounge or Sofa or some place and I should think you all would be more comfortable. I dont think of much to say this time

Yours Always
Calvin Shedd

22d I mail my letters on train at 2-30 P.M., now in a few minutes the more I think of it I am the better pleased with your boarding business keep a record if you find you are loosing shut right off short you can tell in a short time 

C. S.

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