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Bloomington March 28th 1869

Dear Wife & Children

I recd yours of the 21st last night glad to hear you are well. I am well and gaining flesh think it a good thing that I quit turning have better appetite. side does not trouble me as much Spine is better back does not ache quarter as bad as when I was at home standing all the time.

I have been turning most of the time for a few days have moved into new shops and think I shall get more agreeable work I asked the Boss yesterday for a job by my Lathe he said he thought he could give me one most of the time at any rate I could keep my Tools there togather, if I can work there the job would be very good, if I was not obliged to earn more money. I have got a new bench close to the Lathe, probably shall not turn but a few days in a month I celebrated my Birth-day yesterday by eating my last apple which was pretty wizzled and partly decayed yesterday was very plesant and spring like Today it rains the mud is still horrid a foot deep in places and perfect porridge and where the water drains off sticky & stiff like putty it damns this country for me. Nannie cant you make me a little neck ornament to wear with a paper Collar something that could be sent in a letter as it costs as much to get a colar washed as two paper colars cost and I cant stand them up and put on this tie that I have for they wont turn down again without tearing. I think by and by I shall want some thing sent out after I get more money to send home in a month or two prehaps my mosquito net razor and other things, paper collars at 35 cts for a box of 10 I think they are only 15 there 14 is my size. I am plesantly situated for board lodging and health by far than when in ?? but cant earn so much money that is where the rub is but I am getting a little more than Carpenters got in Lebanon for 2,50 was the price last summer unless for extra hands, but I will have good pay before summer is over or I am greatly mistaken, I am liable to go nearer home tham farther off, or just as liable, prehaps to Chicago, or itno Michigan, but I am not decided in favor of any place, the Pacific Road is played out with me too much rush there. it is hard work to find stook for an interesting letter every week as I play right about my business & Boarding house only go up town sat. nights and then come back as quick as possible for there is nothing to interest me. Velocipedes are the rage but I have not even seen one yet they have a riding Hall here 10 cts admission and a cent a minute to ride so I hear. Gen Howard, Mrs Cady Stanton Fred Douglas Anna Dickinsom have lectured here did not go to hear any of them, reason why, "50 cts admission"

Love to all
C. Shedd

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