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Waverly Jan 8th 1865

Dear Wife

I recd yours of the 1st last eve and was very glad that you were able to write you speak of an examination I would submit to most anything if you are satisfied it is for the best. Does Dr. C. seem to understand his bis or is he making a job of knitting work of it. it is best to have faith in a Dr then let him go ahead.

I am comfortably well my stomarch troubles me conciderably yet but is so much better that I do not mind it much the best weeks work last week $24.00 which I think is a little ahead of C & H Hands but I worked till 9 & 10 PM every evening except Sat. in this dry air I wear out and are most outrageous sore the work is mostly B. Walnut and bad on acct of dust. I have paid my board all my expenses... $10,00 more than when I started from home I have Bot. a $100,00 7-30 Gov Bond which cost $100,00 the back interest to Aug 15th the interest is 2 cts per day I think I shall get another this week or rather 2 fifties the first six months interest I get Feb 15th the interest on $200 will be $14,60 per year or about $15 if the interest is invested I wish now I had bought Bonds when I first left home I think if my health continues the same as now that I can make from 15 to 20 dollars per week I have astonished the natives in the quality of Turning the old man is offering to bet a 100,00 that he has got the best Turner this side of Chicago the great trouble is low water "there is never a rose without a thorn" the business is carried on by L.W. Tondor in Co with his father Lyman lives at C. Falls where they have a shop & wareroom I do the turning for both shops except the Chair stuff that is Boys work but they think it is something great to turn a straight green stick. I dont mean to get into that at all if I can help it as Bedsteads & Table Legs pay much better. if I had the conveniences they have at Cambridges shop I could make 30 a week. as it is I expect I shall soon scare them and get cut down as that is my luck. these men are not Mechanics and I am afraid they will make their stuff so poor that it will spoil their trade the only part of the work done decent is the Turning prehaps it would have been better for me to have done it poorer to begin with. But if it falls through next summer I can get 3,00 per day at Carpenter work easy there is the poorest set of Mechanics here I ever saw in any state they are not better than the Niggers down south. That Order of Col. Abbots I think is very good what makes you call it awfull

I think the Tavern is just the place for Mrs Day to slave out the rest of her life & just the business he would like to a dot so on the whole it will be a splendid move. I have thinking of it and it seems to me that Henry is not holder on that stuff after the foreclosure tell him to ask a Lawyer as this was a mortgage as additional security to a mortge on real estate

I have not written to father you may if you choose as you can tell him the circumstances of all better than I can I had a letter from Pease last week I shall write him today. tell Annee not to worry about moving west as I shall never ask any of my family to come to or live with me again unless they choose to freely my best endeavors will be put forth towards your support wherever you choose to live

I have no news to write wishing you better health I will close

Yours &c

                                      C Shedd

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