Plat Exhibiting the State of the Surveys in the Territory of Florida


Butler, Robert


Robert Butler was Surveyor General of the Territory of Florida and submitted this plat to the Surveyors Office in Tallahassee on Oct. 20, 1837. It includes West and North Florida south to “Ouithlacoochee River.” It shows Indian Boundary Line on the right lower portion. Above that is the ""Arendendo Grant"" (Arredondo). The Forbes Grant (Claim) is left black ""now under contract -- its limits being undefined: the survey not returned. It's supposed Northern Boundary is marked thus - ......"" The area is east of St. Joseph's Bay and west of St. Marks River where the row of T's runs south in blank space and extends east about half way to the row of numbers running south (No. 1-19). Thus only the western half of the land extending south from the Basis Parallel is shown. This was the first report of the U.S. Land Office to contain a survey map of Florida. Keep Butler in mind because there were other maps by him, the most important one being the first map of Florida after it became a state.


Servies II 2084, 2381

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