Camp Izard on the Ouithlacoochee River


Williams, Capt.


This Seminole War camp on the Withlacoochee River was only twenty some miles from Cedar Key where supplies could be brought in by boat then taken up the river. This made it easier to supply than other forts that could only be reached by overland roads which were not very good in wet weather. Camp Izard was the seat of a battle on January 31st, 1836 and Gen. Gaine's track of February 28th 1836. This map was produced on Feb. 29th probably by Captain Williams who was stationed there. Unfortunately it was an area of much Indian revolt and was finally burned. It was named for Lieutenant James Izard of the U.S. Dragoons who was shot and buried on the bank of the Withlacoochee River. This was only one of the army camps used during the Second Seminole War to try to control the Indians.


Cohen, Sprague

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