Map of Florida


Williams, John Lee


This huge map 32""x30"" was included in Williams' book: The Territory of Florida which was published by A.T. Goodrich in New York in 1837. He called it ""Sketches of the Topography, Civil and Natural History of the Country, the Climate and the Indian Tribes"". He had previously written a sketch of West Florida and decided that he wanted to personally explore the rest of the territory and describe it in detail. He did a lot of research on previous descriptions by various authors including Romans, Roberts, Stork, John & William Bartram et al. He admits however that he was not always able to explore the interior lands especially in the southern part of the peninsula and this is obvious on his map which does not show Lake Okeechobee or connecting waters. He dwells on the relations with the Seminoles including battles and various treaties. Areas where these occurred are shown in more detail especially in the upper peninsula as well as the previously described West Florida. The site of the Dade Massacre is shown as well as Dade County which was created in 1836.



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