Related Collections

Related Collections

Beyond the Pan American World Airways, Inc. Records, University of Miami Libraries Special Collections houses additional Pan Am resources spanning over 150 linear feet. Special Collections is open to the public and encourages the use of our collections.  The following Pan American Inc. adjacent collections are available for research at Special Collections. The titles link to the collection finding aid.  To view additional Pan Am resources, please submit a request via Aeon, the online user request management system for Special Collections and UM Libraries. All Special Collections materials are for room use only. Located on the 8th floor of the Otto G. Richter Library, Special Collections is open for research Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Althea "Gerry" Lister Papers

Basil Rowe Papers

Charles Lorber Papers

Clipper Pioneers Collection

David Abrams Papers

Dolores Pla Menocal Photograph Collection

Donald K. Usher Papers

Donald W. Thomson Papers

Dorothy Brannen Thomas Collection

Dorothy E. Mills Collection

F. Charles Ruegg Papers

Frank Marion Briggs Papers

Humphrey W. Toomey Papers

Ione Wright Papers

J. H. Brown Papers

J.T. Carlson Papers

James Wendler Collection

Kimball J. Scribner Collection

Lueder, Price, Ortiz-Bello and Williamson Papers

L. J. Easterbrook Papers

Leonard Albasi/Gill Family Collection

Louis J. Hector Papers

Lucy Desrosiers Papers

Pan Am Advertisements

Pan American Historical Foundation Records

Port Washington Public Library Oral History Collection

R. A. Seymour Papers

R. Hoit Photographs

Randy Liebermann Collection

Richard L. Kruse Papers

Sidney Serebreny Papers

Roy Keeler Collection

Vincent A. Jablon Papers

William C. House Papers

William J. McEvoy Papers

W. R. Peters Pan Am Photographs

William L. Witherspoon Papers

World Wings International Records




We also recommend a variety of collections housed by external organizations:


Charles Augustus Lindbergh Papers, Yale University Library

Florida Photographic Collection, Florida Memory Project, State Archives of Florida

History of Aviation Collection, University of Texas Dallas Special Collections

Pan American World Airways Collections Guide, John W. Hartman Center - Duke University Libraries

Pan American World Airways Collection, HistoryMiami

Records of the Civil Aeronautics Board, National Archives

San Diego Air and Space Museum Archival Collection

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum Archival Collections

Syracuse University Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie Air Disaster Archives

Eastern Air Lines Collections, Georgia State University

Trans World Airlines (TWA) Records, The State Historical Society of Missouri



The Pan Am Historical Foundation website is an excellent resource for information on Pan Am’s history and the activities of the Foundation, as the company’s official legacy base. The site features narrative and descriptive essays written by former employees and aviation experts and archival images and video.