Early Industry

5.  Orange Grove, Miami


1.  Coconut Planting Camp, 1892-1893

2.  Coastal Coconut Planters, 1892-1893

Many of the northern visitors were eager to create new local industries based on regional resources. New Jersey engineer, Ezra Osborn, purchased beach land and imported coconuts from Cuba, Baracoa and Nicaragua to plant on the Florida coast.

3.  The Biscayne Manufacturing Co., circa 1890

During the winter of 1890, Ralph Munroe formed the Biscayne Manufacturing Co. and built a factory for the canning of local fruits. The facilities were subsequently used as an experimentation station for the development of a "sisal hemp industry." He writes "�the prospects were promising, and there is no question that excellent sisal fiber can be produced in Florida. But other products, especially fruits and vegetables, have proven so unbelievably profitable as to drive out all thought of sisal production in comparison."   -  The Commodore's Story by Ralph M. Munroe and Vincent Gilpin., Part XV (Typescript).

4.  Miss Matheson posing with Coconut Plants, 1892-1893