Early Social Life

4.  Group at Biscayne Bay Yacht Club chowder party, 1920

5.  Commodore Munroe and Mr. Winslow


1.  Mrs. Julia Tuttle's party, 1893

She moved to Florida from Cleveland, Ohio in 1891 and settled on the Miami River. Mrs. Tuttle (dressed in white and fourth from left) is considered the founder of the city of Miami and played an active role in convincing Henry Flagler to bring the railroad down to the peninsula.

2.  A Yacht Race on Washington's Birthday, 1887

"This spring of 1887 it was apparent that the Bay could provide all the boats necessary for a yacht-race, and it was decided to celebrate Washington's Birthday with an open regatta�It was a success in every way. Thus began organized aquatic sports on the Bay, the Washington's Birthday regatta afterward being a fixture of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club, until the displacement of sails by gasoline in general interest caused it to degenerate into a chowder-party." - The Commodore's Story by Ralph M. Munroe and Vincent Gilpin, Part XV (Typescript).

3.  Biscayne Bay Yacht Club Beginnings, 1887

"The Club had its origin a little later that spring; one day at Peacock's, Kirk Munroe broached the subject, and we at once organized, he electing me commodore, and I doing the same for him as secretary. This friendly arrangement lasted without interruption until 1909, when I declined renomination, my health being poor, and the club having transferred most of its activities to Miami. Kirk continued as secretary until 1922. I designed the club flag, bearing the emblem of a large "N" interlaced with the figures "25," signifying twenty five degrees north latitude, since we were the most southern club in the country." - The Commodore's Story by Ralph M. Munroe and Vincent Gilpin, Part XV (Typescript).