Early Coconut Grove Pioneers


3.  Peacock Family, Coconut Grove, Florida, circa 1890

Albumen photograph of Isabella and Charles Peacock (owners of the Peacock Inn) with their three sons, Charles, John and Henry.

4.  Ralph M. Munroe (center) with fellow navigators Foot (left) and Hine (right), 1886-1887

5.  Ralph M. Munroe


1.  Winter Visitors on Biscayne Bay, Florida, 1886-1887

Ralph M. Munroe encouraged his northern friends to visit Coconut Grove for the winter. In later years, many would make it their permanent homes and lay the foundations for its first institutions.

Top left to right: Mrs. Thomas Munroe (Ralph Munroe's mother) and her companion Ms. Flora McFarland (first official schoolteacher, founder of the Housekeeper Club and organizer of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church); Mrs. Kirk Munroe (Coconut Grove Woman's Club president and vocal conservationist).

Middle: Dr. Tigger; Ralph Munroe; Mrs. E.P. Brown; Miss Brown; Charles E. Stowe (son of Harriet Beecher Stowe, famous author of Uncle Tom's Cabin), Thomas A. Hine, Count James L. Nugent, Rev. E. P. Brown.

Bottom: Kirk Munroe (author of boys' books and future secretary of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club); Count Jean D'Hédouville (future treasurer of the Biscayne Bay Yacht Club); and Alfred Munroe (Ralph Munroe's uncle).

2.  Bay View Villa, 1882-1883

"I wrote the Peacocks at Fort Dallas to find a bit of waterfront, build a house and I would come to advise and help as best I could in the establishment of a hotel. When the house was finished I must admit that there was little evidence of architectural beauty ... but it was a home, thanks to the kind and hospital friends who kept it. Known at first as 'Bay View Villa,' the name was soon changed to 'Peacock Inn.' It was the only hotel in south Dade County."  -  The Commodore's Story by Ralph M. Munroe and Vincent Gilpin.