Autograph ABP

Autograph ABP

Established in 1988 with the aim of advocating the inclusion of historically marginalised photographic practices, Autograph ABP also collaborates with other arts organisations, nationally and internationally, to develop, exhibit and publish contemporary and historical photography.

(See Spring 2008 Autograph ABP newspaper for further information on early days.)

Autograph ABP Photographic Archive

(Rotimi Fani-Kayode, Black Friar, 1989)
With the support of a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, Autograph ABP is developing the UK’s first permanent public print collection and digital resource dedicated to culturally diverse photography – a long overdue project with the potential to transform the way Britain’s cultural history is represented.

A public archive has been an objective for Autograph ABP since 1991. The establishment of the Archive and Research Centre at Rivington Place builds on 20 years of work that has addressed a lack of representation of photographers from culturally diverse backgrounds.

The Archive enhances Autograph ABP’s existing collection of artists’ commissions with the addition of newly curated portfolios, vernacular photographs and donated works. A modern collection of historical photographs, the images in the Archive range in genre from constructed high street studio portraits and family snapshots to social documentary and fine art photography. Through a programme of preserving, cataloguing and digitising, they will form part of an online learning resource and picture library featuring a range of interpretative materials. 

Key works by established artists such as Armet Francis, Horace Ové, Ingrid Pollard, Sunil Gupta, Roshini Kempadoo, Joy Gregory, Franklyn Rodgers, Dave Lewis, Jagtar Semplay, Eileen Perrier and Anthony Lam will be represented alongside images by amateur photographers whose family pictures reveal another story of a complex and diverse Britain.

As a digital image bank and research resource, the archive will highlight a missing chapter in the UK’s cultural history. The Archive will open to the public from the Autumn 2010. 

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