This is an archive of the original "As far as the eye/I can see" website. It is currently being migrated to a new digital exhibits platform.

Caribbean Art and Visual Culture

As far as the eye/I can see is a project that shares artist's visions, voices and vantage points, a space where critics offer perspectives on current exhibits and critical debates in contemporary visual art and culture.

Danny Ramirez

Danny Ramirez is a Cuban American artist based in Miami. He uses installation art to explore the themes of time and vulnerability.

Kimala Bennett

Kimala Bennett is a Jamaican film director whose work includes both documentaries and music videos.

Vibe Gallery

Diaspora Vibe Gallery functions as both an Incubator for Caribbean Artists as well as a gallery for their work under the caretakership of Rosie Gordon-Wallace.



Christopher Carter

Christopher Carter is California-based artist working in found-object art.