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Date(s) of Letter(s) Little, Henry F. W.  The Seventh Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion.  Concord, New Hampshire:  Seventh New Hampshire Veteran Association, 1896. 
February 9, 1862
March 2, 1862
March 6, 1862
"At half past seven, February 13, four companies of the Seventh Regiment, A, C, F, and G, under command of Lieut. Col. Joseph C. Abbott, started from the White street barracks for pier 47, East River, for the purpose of embarking on the barque Tycoon, for Fort Jefferson, Fla.  By 9 A.M they were all aboard, and everything being in readiness, they were at once towed down to Sandy Hook by the steam tug C. P. Smith, where at noon on the 14th they bade good-bye to the pilot, and waving a farewell salute to the captain of the tugboat, set all sail with a light wind from the east-northeast....Head winds prevailed during the larger part of the voyage, and a few sails were sighted belonging to various kinds of crafts.  Occasionally we would experience squally weather when it would seem as though we were experiencing a small hurricane which would burst suddenly upon us, causing such pitching and tumbling that it made lots of fun for the sailors to see the bluecoats go tumbling around from one side of the barque to the other....The evening of March 1, we saw Sand Key Light, fifteen miles away, and early the next morning saw Tortugas Light, eighteen miles distant, and soon after received a pilot on board, who took us within a mile of Fort Jefferson, where we anchored, and after being boarded by the inspecting officers of the fort we were taken ashore on fishing smacks, having been seventeen and one half days on the voyage." (Little, pp. 34-37)