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New York City Feb 9th 62

Dear Wife & Children

I dont know as I can write much I have not slept over 1/2 hour for 2 nights I have got a [     ] Breeding sore or something of the kind on the end of my right fore finger and can hardly hold a pencil I am pretty well other wise the Regt expects to go Tuesday or Wednesday it may not quite as soon We go in the Bark Tycoon & ship S.R. Mallory the Regt is growing weaker every day we stay here in these Barracks there is a great many sick I have been to see the Surgeon for the first time this month with my Finger he told me to Poultice it with Bread Poultice I have and it is easier this PM I am trying another pencil I dont know as you can make it out I have not heard whether you have recd that money yet and feel a little ansious about it I hope it is all safe

We all feel anxious to get out of these infernal Barracks and dont much care where we can go so we can leave here Sam is well stands it better than most of the men

Tell Henry I will write to him when we get where there is anything to write about give my Love to them all tell Mrs Clark I have got her Box of snuff yet except what I have taken and given to the Boys we all feel sad for [      ] and family it is a hard blow for them that must be expected of war which is a cursed thing any way we look at it. I write so bad and my Finger pains me so I will close with love to all and a Blessing

I will try and write again before we go

Yours Ever


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