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Loggerhead Key, Dry Tortugas

Date(s) of Letter(s) Schmidt, Lewis G.  The Civil War in Florida:  A Military History.   Vol III: Florida's Key's & Fevers.   Allentown, Pennsylvania: L. G. Schmidt, 1989.
May 19, 1862
June 1, 1862
June 7, 1862
"Loggerhead Key was named for the turtles that nest there, and at 30 acres was the largest and highest, on which Loggerhead Light House has been operating since 1858.  The key was described ... as covered with mangrove bushes and covered with a dense brushwood and several patches of prickly pears, which grow so quickly it is impossible to walk through them.  A quarantine hospital was located on Loggerhead Key during the early years of the Civil War and was moved to Sand Key in 1864."   (Schmidt, pp. XXXI).