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June 7th PM

It is extremely hot there are 8 Teamsters of this Regt going to Key West at work on a R.Road they will have a hot job I think we shall escape the Drill today as it is so hot & the Inspector leaves at Six there was five Cos drilled this AM & we come next.  A Boats Crew from Co E went to Loggerhead last night & got 4 Turtles One of them the largest seen for a long time it weighed 375-lbs.

the Gunboat Wanderer left here about a week ago suddenly we thought there was something in the wind.  She sailed round west of Loggerhead & arrived just in time to see a Steamer Capture a [     ] & Schooner loaded with Cotton bound for Havana that had run the Blockade  Such is the reporte.  the Wanderer arrived here last night & left this morning She makes a business of crusing in the Gulf for such vessels as run the Blockade I wish I knew how many shells you could use & give away profitably of I stay here long I could send a peck if it was neccessary & would pay.  I want you to Burn one sheet of the letter I sent you about a fortnight ago I have not had a spell since half so bad in fact no to touch it, but if I live to get home remember what I wrote & be prepared for I shall be in great distress & it takes powerfull remedies for great Diseases

Good Bye My Dear Girl I return the wish that God will bless you all & keep you happy and contented

C Shedd

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