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Image from page 20 of brochure entitled "Pan American 707 Jet Clippers" [german edition]
Image from page 18 of brochure entitled "Pan American 707 Jet Clippers" [german edition]
Frontside of boarding pass envelope from 1942
Image from page 10 of "Thirteenth Annual Report for Pan American Airways Corporation". Accompanying text reads in part, "During the year 1940, in cooperation with the Colombian Government, the reorganization of the domestic airway system of that…
Brochure entitled "49 Hours to Hong Kong by Pan American's Sunny Mid-Pacific Route"
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Page 11 of brochure entitled "Pan Am Clipper Class". Accompanying text reads in part: "The added benefits of Clipper Class. In-flight services on all Clipper Class flights include complimentary headsets to use for a selection of relaxing stereo music…
Page 2 of brochure entitled "Distinctive dining in the Pan Am style: it makes all the difference in the world"
Page 8 of brochure entitled "It's a Pan American World", 1952
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