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"This spring of 1887 it was apparent that the Bay could provide all the boats necessary for a yacht-race, and it was decided to celebrate Washington's Birthday with an open regatta...It was a success in every way. Thus began organized aquatic sports…

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This novel centers on characters who are representatives of the arduous life of the Haitian peasantry and working class. The story takes place against a backdrop of abusive Haitian government officials under the presidency of Sténio Vincent…

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In his analysis of the personified natural phenomena, Professor Carrol F. Coates explains that:
Merely to place these natural phenomena in a semiological category or “mythical” or “allegorical” characters is to miss the point. This is rather, pure…

"I will not have a lot of time, unfortunately! To continue, from afar, my inalienable paternal duty … See my little daughter, I can give you something I know well, since I have desperately sought and found it, while continuing to seek it, this is…

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Stéphen Alexis was a Haitian writer, activist, diplomat, and the father of Jacques Stéphen Alexis. His letter, to his friend Antoine Rigal, is referring to their respective imprisonments during the American occupation. Alexis dedicated the book to…
A collection of the comic strip published in 1995 in the base newspaper collection of cartoons published in the ¿Que Pasa? newspaper, 1995.
Pages 8-9 of Pan Am Clipper [newspaper], Vol. 6, No. 7, July 1980 illustrating Pan Am's new employee uniforms designed for 1980.
Image from page 2 of "Wings Over the World: Pan American World Airways Annual Report for 1950"
image from cover of Pan American Air Ways, suppelement entitled "The Yankee Clippers Sail Again", March 1939.
The Cuban caricaturist Silvio Fontanillas (1913?-2000) prepared this cartoon most likely for the newsletter Oportunidades. It depicts the difficulties that many Cuban refugees faced in finding housing in crowded Miami.
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