Pan Am Digital Exhibits

As part of the 2016 NHPRC digitization grant project, three digital exhibits were created that highlight Pan Am's extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to commercial aviation.  We invite you to take a tour of aviation history through the below digital exhibits.  You may also wish to browse the "Pan Am Timeline" digital exhibit, which was created for the 2019 "Digitizing Hidden Collections" CLIR grant project.

artistic illustration of Pan Am's accomplishements of its fleet from 1927-1967


A Legacy Aloft exhibit

From its early days of the infamous "flying boats" to ushering in the Jet Age and introducing the world to wide-bodied aircraft, Pan Am was a perennial innovator of commercial aviation.  This exhibit examines Pan Am's Clipper fleet from the company's inception in 1927 through its dissolution in 1991.


U.S. troops disembarking a Pan Am flight in the Middle East


Valiant Ventures exhibit

Due to an unusually close relationship with the U.S. government, Pan Am played an important role supporting the American military in its various operations abroad from WWII through the Persian Gulf War, as well as providing strategic and technological support through its Aerospace Services Division (formerly the Guided Missile Range Division).  This exhibit explores Pan Am's self-proclaimed role as "America's Second Line of Defense".

Artistic sketch of food service aboard  the Boeing 707 airplane

Welcome Aboard exhibit


From gourmet meals to spacious sleeping quarters to couture designer flight uniforms, Pan Am's impeccable service standards were truly legendary.  Click on this exhibit to learn more about the glamour and luxury that once soared through the skies.