Pan Am Digital Collections

Pan American World Airways "A Very Small World Indeed" ad sketch, orginal sketch by Paolo Garretto
Pan American World Airways "A Very Small World Indeed" ad sketch, orginal sketch by Paolo Garretto

Pan Am Digital Collection

Thanks to a digitization grant awarded in 2016 by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC), the University of Miami Libraries was able to digitize the Printed Materials Series.  This series is comprised of 60 boxes of materials which contain brochures, directories, annual reports, timetables, and periodicals.  An additional digitization grant from Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR) enabled the library to digitize even more materials from the collection including the Flights & Routes series, Speeches & Addresses, Press Releases, and Company Histories. UML's new digital collection is full-text searchable and publicly available.


Additionally, UML photographed nearly 500 cultural artifacts for HistoryMiami Museum (HMM) and hosts the new HMM Pan American World Airways Digital Collection.  These collections are nicely complimented by the Pan American World Airways Advertisements collection created by Duke University who was also part of the CLIR grant.  Together, the three institutions collaborated to create the world's first commercial aviation portal in the Digital Public Library of America, which contains all of these collections together alongside even more aviation materials from other institutions across America.


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Pan Am Periodicals


Pan American World Airways, Inc. published many periodicals, including employee newsletters, which it called “internal organs,” as well as travel guides and in-flight magazines. Listed below are the more than 130 periodical titles found in the Pan Am records. Many of these titles are located in the Printed Matrials Series and may be accessed digitally by clicking the links below. To physically view a periodical please submit a request via Aeon, the online user request management system for Special Collections and UM Libraries. All Special Collections materials are for room use only. Located on the 8th floor of the Otto G. Richter Library, Special Collections is open for research Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

- 747 Newsletter

- Africa News Letter

Airport Service Newsletter

- Annual Reports

     Includes: Avianca, Compañia Cubana de                    Aviación, New York Airways, Pacific-                    Alaska Division, Panair do Brasil, and                 Pan Am Corporation

- ASD Clipper

Aware Times

Blue Book of Clipper Travel

Caminos del Aire

Ciao! Tours

Classroom Clipper

The Clipper (newspaper, 1944-1947)

Clipper (Atlantic Division)

Clipper (Latin American Division)

Clipper (Pacific-Alaska Division)

Clipper (System General Office)

Clipper Aerospace Services Division (See                ASD Clipper)

- Clipper ASTA Convention

Clipper British Style

Clipper Cargo Horizons (see also: Worldwide          Marketing Horizons)

Clipper Cockpit

Clipper Guide

Clipper Magazine

Clipper News From Treasure Island

Clipper Travel

Clipper Western European Style

Clipperwise: For Travelers to the Far East

Clipperwise: For Travelers to Italy

Consumer Action


Crosscheck: Pan Am Flight Safety Dialogue

- Customer Service Highlights [see: Highlights]

Digest of Alaska News

DSO Newsletter

EETF Outlook (Electronic Environmental Task              Force)

Employee AWAREness News Bulletin

Employees' News Letter

EPIC Newsletter

ESOP Clipper

Executive Memoranda (Office, Staff,                         System)

Fan Jet Falcon

Fault Shaker

Flight Crew Bulletin

Flight Notes

Flight Ops

Flight Service Hi-Lites

Flight Service Magazine [see also: Wing                     Tips]

Fly Paper

FT Newsletter

GMRD Clipper

Ground Ops


In Focus: A briefing for all management


Intercontinental News

International Affairs Bulletin

Jet Journal of Knowledge

The Jet Set

Language Tieline

Management Bulletin

Management Memo

Management Newsletter (Latin American               Division)

Monthly Operational Bulletin (MOB)



New Horizons [see also: Pan American Air                  Ways]

New York Division News

New Yorker: In-Flight Service JFK

News Digest (Pacific-Alaska Division)

News Digest (Public Relations Dept.)

News From Pan Am: Southwest Region

News LAX Style

Northeast News

Notes From Headquarters and Around the                     World

PAA Bulletin

PAA Fares and Ticketing Guide

PAA MEC Newsletter

- Pacific-Alaska Division News Digest [see:                 News Digest]

-Pan-Alaska News

Pan Am Clipper [newspaper]

- Pan Am Clipper [magazine] (see Clipper                  Magazine)

Pan Am Goes National: Merger Briefing

Pan Am Holiday

Pan Am Management Monthly

Pan Am News (Catering Services)

Pan Am News Briefs (Aerospace Services                  Division)

Pan Am News Letter (Manila, Philippines)

Pan Am News Letter (formerly 747 Newsletter)

Pan Am Newsgram: Southern Region

Pan Am Newsletter (New York)

Pan Am Progress

Pan American Air Ways [see also: New                       Horizons]

Pan American Athletic & Social Club Inc.

Pan American Clipper (Alaska Sector)

Pan American Clipper (Eastern Division)

Pan American Clipper (Overseas Division)

Pan American World Airways Teacher

Pan Americana

Pan Am's Calendar of Overseas Events

Pan Am's World Tours



Passenger Service Briefs

Passenger Service Bulletin

Personnel Information Bulletin


Public Affairs Report


Report From LAD Management

Report To Employees

Research Review


Sales Clipper

Sales/Service Bulletin

Señor Letters

Service Newsletter (Overseas Division)



SST Newsletter

Straight Line

System Sales Clipper

Traffic & Sales Clipper

Traffic Highlights

Trainers Talk


Travel Talk

U.S. Sales Clipper

Weekly News Bulletin (Pacific Division)

Welcome to New York

Wing Tips [see also: Flight Service Magazine]

WorldPass Bulletin

Worldwide Marketing Horizons (see also:                     Clipper Cargo Horizons)

WS News (Pan Am World Services, Inc.)


Artistic illustration of a Pan American aircraft