About the Exhibit

This exhibition is presented by the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami Libraries drawing from the collection of Cuban Refugee Center Records.  It was originally curated by Graciella Cruz-Taura, Associate Professor of History, Florida Atlantic University, for display at Miami-Dade County’s Stephen P. Clark Building in 2005.  An edited version of that exhibition was displayed in the Roberto C. Goizueta Pavilion at the Otto G. Richter Library in 2011.  This is an electronic version of the 2011 exhibition.  

Funding for the development and installation of this exhibition in 2005 was provided by Miami-Dade County Commissioner Natacha Seijas (District 13) with additional support from Commissioner Bruno Barreiro (District 5), Commissioner Jose "Pepe" Diaz (District 12), Commissioner Carlos A. Gimenez (District 7), Commissioner Dennis C. Moss (District 9), Commissioner Dorrin D. Rolle (District 2), Commissioner Rebeca Sosa (District 6), and Commissioner Javier D. Souto (District 10).


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 "In Search of Freedom" Digital Exhibit

Curator: María R. Estorino Dooling, Esperanza Bravo de Varona Chair, Cuban Heritage Collection

Coordinator: Meiyolet Méndez, Cuan Heritage Collection Librarian

Site Development and Design: Lyn MacCorkle, Digital Repository Librarian

Programming: Jamie Little, Web and Emerging Technologies Digital Programmer