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Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburg Landing

Date(s) of Letter(s) Boatner, Mark M. The Civil War Dictionary.  New York: David McKay Company, Inc., 1959.  
May 4, 1862
Shedd is most likely referring to the Battle of Shiloh, or Pittsburg Landing, which took place April 6-7, 1862, in Shiloh, Tennessee.  Grant and his army were encamped on the banks of the Tennessee when they were surprised by the Confederate General A. S. Johnston.   Confusion reigned in both armies and there were heavy casualties on both sides.   Grant, who hurried back from Savannah, received aid from other Federal regiments and on the 7th of April the Confederates were driven back into Alabama.  Total losses in killed, wounded and missing for the Federals was 13,047; the Confederates lost 10,694.   The battle was deemed a Northern victory, though poor management on both sides cost many lives at "Bloody Shiloh."  (Boatner, pp. 752-757)