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Soldier Housing in St. Augustine

Date(s) of Letter(s) Fretwell, Jacqueline, Ed. Civil War Times in St. Augustine. St. Augustine, Florida: St. Augustine Historical Society, 1986.

Little, Henry F. W. The Seventh Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion. Concord, New Hampshire: The Seventh New Hampshire Veteran Association, 1896.

October 12, 1862
January 15, 1863
"The troops were largely quartered in and around St. Francis Barracks at the southern end of the town, though some would occupy tents on the terrreplain of the fort."   (Fretwell,  p. 29).

"At the barracks, which were large and spacious, were stationed companies B, D, F, K, and E, and Company G occupied their quarters in a building south of the barracks, nearer the large open field used for the drill-ground.  At the barracks there were splendid conveniences, good roomy kitchens, large dining-rooms, and open fireplaces in each room, making the quarters look cheerful and homelike in the evenings."  (Little, p. 78)

"At the northern extremity of the town were quartered four companies, three of whom, A, C, and I, were stationed inside Fort Marion; one, Company H, was quartered just outside the fort but inside the water batteries, and having procured some old lumber, this company erected for themselves some very comfortable quarters."  (Little, p. 75)