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Leaving Fort Jefferson

Date(s) of Letter(s) Schmidt, Lewis G.  The Civil War in Florida:  A Military History.   Vol III: Florida's Key's & Fevers.   Allentown, Pennsylvania: L. G. Schmidt, 1989.
June 14, 1862
Sunday June 15

"At Fort Jefferson, the 7th New Hampshire was 'paid for four months, and after working hard all night to get our stores and baggage aboard the large steamer Ericsson, which had been sent down after us, our regiment, with Battery M, First U.S. Artillery, went aboard at noon [Monday, the following day].'"  The regiment was replaced at Fort Jefferson by four companies of the 90th New York.  The Ericsson then set sail for Hilton Head, Port Royal, South Carolina.   (Schmidt, pp. 248-252).