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Boston Jan [     ] 67

Tuesday 2PM

I have bought my ticket by way of N.Y. Pittsburgh Ft. Wayne to Chicago

I stoped at Lowell sat Father he gave me $10,00 I would not have taken it but I thought my pile was dangerous for so long journey my ticket to Chicago was 23,00 it will cost 5 morre by way of Cincinnatti and I shall not go there.

I send an insureance Policy for 8 days it cost me 2,00 and insures 25,00 per week and 5,000 in case of Death so if I get killed send to the Co. at Hartford.

there is no snow here but it is so cold that I have kept pretty still today shall start at 5,30 from Old Colony Depot by Newport line to N.Y. I will not reach Chicago till Friday or later if I stop over at any place. tell Hyde that 23,00 is as cheap as any route from here they are all of the same price.

Father thought I was going right away from home and felt rather bad about it but if I have my health I will make or break this time so done get sick and tease me to come home for anything short of Death


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