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St. Augustine March 13th 1863

Dear Wife

I will write a word this morning. I felt better yesterday than for a good while. after supper I took a ride the first for a fortnight, "there is nothing singular about that" but the Pony fell down! & I kept right on over her head, but without mush damage only I put out my right hand to save my Head from ploughing in the Sand. & sprained my fingers some but not seriously, my hand is some swollen & pains me, but will "come good again in two three day" "thereby hangs a Tale, that I believe I never told you"! it is drill time dont know as I shall have time to finish in season for the Boat.

I have just come in from Drill at 11 go to Recitation at 2 Batt Drill 5 1/2 Dress Parade which keeps me tolerable busy. we have got another Dr, so we have a Surgeon & two Assts which ought to keep us well, I dont think of much to write give James my thanks for his letters also the Children I want to hear the particulars of the Election in E, if there was any fun of Monkery. I will close with love to all

C Shedd

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