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St. Augustine March 11th 1863

Dear Wife and All

It is 2 1/2 weeks since we have had a mail, which arrived today. I cannot say it was a satisfaction to receive letters with none from you since it is source of great anxiety to know that you re not able to write; I recd letters from James and Ada of the 9th and 15th Feb & am afraid that your not so well as I am led to infer from by the letters recd, but anyone might die a dozen times before a letter would reach either place & at this distance, I dont feel at liberty to advise, as the advice, would be liable to be bad as good. Keep good courage have a Dr that you place confidence in, & I trust all will be well. I shall wait with the most feverish anxiety for the next mail, & letters from you, in the meantime I shall hope for the best.

I wrote a line two weeks ago & expected to send by schooner but she did not take a mail, since I wrote that I have had a Billious turn with Shakes & Fever. I was mustered in my Bunk, & have been off duty until today. I had my bed taken to my boarding-house, and all have been very kind, I am now on my legs again. I must not forget to acknowledge the rect of Annah,s & Lillie,s letter Annah,s of the 8th the date of Lillies I could not quite make out.

I expected the paymaster this Boat but he has not come & don't know as he will for two months yet, I am much disapointed for I was hoping to send you money by this mail.

The Luther has arrived but the vessel with his goods was wrecked & he expects the goods are lost. So I am disappointed in getting the rest of my uniform. It has been very warm for several days past but cooler today with some rain,

You wrote me to press some orange blossoms I fear that I shall have poor luck at that as the stems are so large and the blossoms come out all along the stem among the leaves that I cant press them on acct of the thickness of the stem; the flowers separate give no idea of their appearance on the tree, but I will make the attempt, I can't but fail. If Heath Fore-Closes he must give notice & in order to have a year to redeem; the Notice must be given to a Lawyer; & have him put the case over at the next term of Court; or the Court will grant him a writ of ejectment & give him possession immediately, that is as I understand it, but don't worry about it let it go I can't pay him or anyone else & you will do as you think best, I can give no advice as I have been away so long I don't know the future prospect of Real-Estate, & will not attempt to advise in the matter. I will close with my best wishes for your health; & love to all

C. Shedd

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